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La Dulce Vida CBD Oil Tinctures are the perfect way to help you start your journey towards health and wellness.

One of the most common and most popular delivery forms of CBD is through oral CBD oil tinctures also commonly known as CBD oil drops. Our CBD oil tinctures are easily taken by placing drops directly under the tongue to be absorbed sublingually. Through taking CBD orally, the CBD oil enters the bloodstream through the mucous membrane offering a fairly quick onset time of approximately 15 – 30 minutes and a duration of 4-6 hours.

If you wanted to try a different way of taking your CBD drops, you can easily drop a few drops in your favorite beverage or protein shake!

La Dulce Vida CBD Oil Tinctures are 100% Pure CBD (Isolate) with Zero THC.

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality product for your health, our CBD Oil Tinctures are:

*Free of artificial colors and flavors

La Dulce Vida CBD oil Tincture Drops for sale are available in 1ounce bottles of 500mg or 1000mg CBD Oil Dose.

Both dosage strengths come in four different flavors for you to choose from; Mint, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Grape.

Our customers love our CBD Oil tinctures as they have helped so many with their different ailments.

CBD Oil Tinctures for Anxiety: “I’ve battled with social anxiety for years. Taking the 1000mg Tincture has changed my whole experience! I am now much more calm and feel like I have my life back!”

“This was the best decision my husband and I could have made. We have seen a dramatic increase in our energy. My husband’s anxiety is so much better that he is sleeping like a baby. And so am I because he is no longer snoring. It’s a Win-Win.”

CBD Oil Tinctures for Pain: “This stuff is AMAZING! I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been taking this tincture for 11 days and haven’t had to take any Advil for pain. I normally wake up and feel muscle soreness all over that lasts all day, but this has helped so much!!!”

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